What’s going on with JFI and JFD

It’s been quite some time since some of us saw each other. In the meantime new people want to join our international circle and don’t know how to connect. But let’s be honest: We are not as connected as we like to be either. So let’s meet at Freakstock and talk about that. Let’s find out about each other, how we are, what’s going on, what our takes on starting up our network are and where we wanna go from there.

First let me take a step back and tell you what’s been going on in Germany where the bigger part of our movement dwells.

Some of you know our movement from it’s early days on and also the people who led the movement before we started to rethink our ways of doing things. Some of you may even know that there was a period where a council was convened and we had long and deep talks about our vision, our values and leadership. All these talks resulted in a charter of our visionary core values (yes, we even rethought the six-point-plan and what it tells us) and how we can reach for our respective goals together as a freak family and without burdening leaders to their breaking points. Really, read that thing. In my opinion it’s the best stuff we ever came up with.

After that and with the general idea of team leadership in mind new people now form a circle of really great people who aren’t scared to even go for the hot potatoes in our movement and the societies we live in.

Why do we think this is for you?

Because it interested Sharon and me as somewhat leading girls. See, in the charta and the new structure there is talk about leading the movement which we consider ourselves part of. But it wasn’t a longing for leadership that brought us there. Our hearts burn for something else. One of the most beautiful buzz phrases in the charter is “unity in diversity”. We strongly believe that God wants to complement the different parts of our movement with each other, not by compromising what’s important to us but by doing wonders and bringing together our gigantic diversity. In our very own way we both stuck with projects of the German Jesus Freaks using our gifts and feel very enriched by what we can give and what we get back. So our big desire now is to get in touch with all of you Jesus Freaks out there, to share and express this diverse unity.

What’s going on now? What’s in it for you?

Well first and foremost it is an adventure. And a rather open one. Whoever joins us in it will change it’s course by bringing him- or herself to the table.

When we met at Willo to tell this story many other people came with their stories. It was then when it dawned on me what potential there is. There’s a treasure to be uncovered!

There were those who had been working on groups of Jesus Freaks abroad for a long time who enjoyed to meet their comrades. Then there was a praying man who said it would be nice to know where we all are so he could visit when he hits the road. One woman was speaking up for refugees and asked how we could work together on their behalves. And still others want to move to another country and start a Jesus Freak group there. Just imagine where we could go together!

Since everything else remains open for now … like how we decide to organize ourselves to keep contact or how we want to interact with this new circle of leaders in Germany or what we really can do about refugees or travelers … we agreed that it would be at least nice to know of each other and have a list so we can find each other. Maybe we even find we want to talk once in a while. Or better yet, maybe we will join in prayer via Skype from time to time. Who knows what we will dig up?

Caught fire? Great!

See you at the JFI Space:

Just drop by, buy a coffee and sit down. There will be a JFI-PICKNICK Friday at 12:30. Maybe bring your lunch and have it with us.

Put your name on that list. It’ll be there somewhere.

We will start an emailing group so we get to read from each other once in a while.

Another way to get in touch – whoever you are and whyever you wish to get in international contact, no matter if you are one or many – is to write us at . Sharon from Netherlands and I, Mona from Austria, will see what we can do for you and how your request fits into that whole picture.

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