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U-NITE Gathering in Belgium

U-Nite Teaser Flyer rectoU-NITE Gathering take place from 25 to 28th August 2016. The main vision of this event is to unite people from the different linguistic regions of Belgium for a weekend of unity and creativity. Similar to Freakstock there will be concerts, DJs, workshops.

The organisators are looking for bands, volunteers, visitors … Mail to:

Location: „De Kluis“ Brussel, Louvain and Wavre)

More information, program, tickets … : www.u-nite.be

UNITY (synonyms: consensus, harmony, identity, solidarity)

A 4-day event where people come from all over Belgium and beyond to camp, eat, dance, do workshops, party and have a good time together.

CREATIVITY (synonyms: imagination, inspiration, originality)

A place for every form of artistic expression, people actively participating in shaping the event. Providing different workshops where talents can be discovered and improved.

INTEGRITY (synonyms: character, honesty, goodness, righteousness)

We want to create a non-judgmental, community-focused event open to people from different backgrounds, beliefs and lifestyles. We are open about our faith in Jesus Christ.