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Freakstock meets “Internationals”

hey_Freakstock_30072015_madita (45 von 68)This year several international leaders form different parts of the world said that they will participate at Freakstock (27th to 31th July 2016 in Allstedt, Germany). They are ready to support us in Germany and pass on what God gave them as vision and insight for our country and for Europe.

We are living in exciting and stirring times where God is building his kingdom also and purposely at an international level. Everywhere new forms and ideas of networks are springing up. Specifically it is about:

  • what is right now really happening from a spiritual perspective and how can we learn to live and connect with all those newly arrived people in germany from the middle east
  • Multiplication of the kingdom of God locally in all its forms and colours
  • New ways of discipleship and mission in our continent

God gave them some deep insight into these things which they will share with us and they want to challenge and encourage us in that. On Thursday and Friday, between 2:30 and 3:20pm at the Quiet’n Riot there will be a meeting-place where you can meet with us – getting to know each other, exchange, pray, dream, network and think further together.

If you are searching for yourself personally or your group, church or organisation new companions and friends, impulses and inspiration in these areas then just come along and lets get to know each other. We will do spontaneous meetings, workshops, prayer-times and conversations.

Unti now those people have said yes to be there:

Andrew Jones / Neuseeland, World-Traveller
Wolfgang Fernandez / Los Angeles
David Campbell /Youth with a mission, USA
Jim Yost / Indonesia
Florian Bärtsch / Switzerland
Wolfgang Simson / Author of “Houses that will change the world”
Dave Andrews / Australien, one of the main-speakers
Eno / Bulgarien, he is building communities mainly among turkish-speaking people in europe
Yacouba / Niger, Afrika

If you want to know more or has further questions feel free to connect: