Welcome Home

If you ask people why they come to freakstock, they might say:

I found a home here!
This feels like family!
Here, I feel accepted!

The heart of our home is Jesus. We were created as Gods counterparts and feel restless until we meet him and come into his home.

The gift of that home is not a given. Many people in our society yearn to find a place that feels like home, and desperately search for it somewhere, somehow. Some things actually look good or give a feeling of safisfaction, such as success, family life, commitment to noble ideas… but the last bit is missing. We can’t create the home we long for. We can only accept it over and over again. It is given to us.

To be without a home can put you into turmoil. The despair it creates can become exhausting – for yourself and others. Great good can come from having a home. Here you can find reflief, here you can stand firmly to face new challenges and watch Gods plans unfold.

Let us spread that home this year. Let us be a living invitation for a life with God. Let us build open, welcoming churches, which make it easy to get to know Jesus. Let us open up our houses and our hearts to invite others to be at home.

The invitation stands for us as well: Come Home! No matter where you have been roaming, no matter what you`ve searched for or tried, the doors are open. Be encouraged to open your heart anew and let God in, so that he might give you a home.

In this regard: Welcome Home!

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