Freakstock meets “Internationals”

hey_Freakstock_30072015_madita (45 von 68)This year several international leaders form different parts of the world said that they will participate at Freakstock (27th to 31th July 2016 in Allstedt, Germany). They are ready to support us in Germany and pass on what God gave them as vision and insight for our country and for Europe.

We are living in exciting and stirring times where God is building his kingdom also and purposely at an international level. Everywhere new forms and ideas of networks are springing up. Specifically it is about:

  • what is right now really happening from a spiritual perspective and how can we learn to live and connect with all those newly arrived people in germany from the middle east
  • Multiplication of the kingdom of God locally in all its forms and colours
  • New ways of discipleship and mission in our continent

God gave them some deep insight into these things which they will share with us and they want to challenge and encourage us in that. On Thursday and Friday, between 2:30 and 3:20pm at the Quiet’n Riot there will be a meeting-place where you can meet with us – getting to know each other, exchange, pray, dream, network and think further together.

If you are searching for yourself personally or your group, church or organisation new companions and friends, impulses and inspiration in these areas then just come along and lets get to know each other. We will do spontaneous meetings, workshops, prayer-times and conversations.

Unti now those people have said yes to be there:

Andrew Jones / Neuseeland, World-Traveller
Wolfgang Fernandez / Los Angeles
David Campbell /Youth with a mission, USA
Jim Yost / Indonesia
Florian Bärtsch / Switzerland
Wolfgang Simson / Author of “Houses that will change the world”
Dave Andrews / Australien, one of the main-speakers
Eno / Bulgarien, he is building communities mainly among turkish-speaking people in europe
Yacouba / Niger, Afrika

If you want to know more or has further questions feel free to connect:

Summertrip to the City Monks

Marseille_hafenLes moines de ville

– english below –

Mes chers amis, mes frères et sœurs et mes compagnons de combat,

il y a quelques moins que Dieu prépare des événements à Marseille. En février et mai j’ai fait la connaissance de quelques personnes à Marseille et Aix-en-Provence qu’ils veulent changer leurs villes avec l’évangile. Le début de mai on a commencé de planifier une semaine d’évangélisation pour cet été.

Le plan
Entrainer des gens pendant la première semaine d’août de partager l’évangile et d’être une lumière à Marseille, trouvé même beaucoup des nouvelles contacts ouvert pour les connecter avec nos amis à Marseille, qui veulent lancer des église de maison là-bas.

Les dates
– Le 1 août au 6 août
– Arrivée planifié le 31 juillet
– Départ planifié le 7 août

L’endroit & prix
– Marseille
– Le prix est pas clair maintenant, au moins 5€/jour pour les repas

Les langues
– Français ou anglais est obligatoire, français est préféré
– Toutes les langues de Marseille sont un grand secours

Le contact
Steve Hegenbart (

En plus
La Provence est une jolie région. Si quelqu’un voudrais rester dans la région après la semaine il y a des possibilités. Visiter d’autres personnes qu’ils ont créé des église de maison à Aix-en-Provence ou accompagner Steve pour une ou deux semaines guidé par le Saint-Esprit et continuer l’évangélisation, par exemple.

On espère qu’on va trouver une dizaine de personnes pour changer la ville !
Contactez moi si vous voyez venir ou connaissez des personnes intéressé.

Soyez bénis,
Frédéric (de Marseille) et Steve

– English version –

My dear friends, brothers and sisters, fellow soldiers,

for a couple of months God is preparing something in Marseille. In February and May I was able get to know a couple of people in both Marseille and Aix-en-Provence. These people want to change their cities with the gospel. Beginning of May we have started to plan a week of evangelism for this summer.

The plan
Train people during the first week of August to share the gospel, being also a light in Marseille while finding open contacts and connecting them with our friends in Marseille who want to start with some housechurches.

When ?
– 1st to 6th August
– Planned arrival at the 31st July
– Planned departure at the 7th of August

Where and how much ? 
– Marseille
– The price is not yet clear, but at least 5€/day for food

– French or english is a must, french would be great
– All languages of Marseille are a big plus

The contact
Steve Hegenbart (

Provence is a beautiful region. If somebody is interested to spend additional time after the week in Provence there are possibilities. Visiting the people in Aix-en-Provence who started some house churches or spending one or two weeks in the region with Steve led by the Holy Spirit and continually spreading the gospel are some options.

We hope to have something like a dozen of people to really change the city for this week !
Contact me if you would like to come or know somebody who should join us.

Be blessed,
Frédéric (from Marseille) and Steve

Freakstock tickets and staff registration

FS-Flyer_2016Hey Freakstocker,

our ticket presale startet. Some things will change this year.

For over 10 years we were able to keep the ticket price constant, but due to risen costs, that won’t be possible in 2016 and we have to raise the price by 10€. Current prices can be seen here.

But we have good news as well:

We changed out ticket system. You can order online and print your ticket at home. It will be scanned at your car and you can drive through to the camping space. You safe time but also money.
There are no more shipping cost and the booking fee drops from 5€ to 3.50€. This balances a part of the raise.

The family tickets One&All and Two&All can be bought in advance for the first time. So no more standing in line with your kids in the sun. Yippee!

Buy tickets here:

Staff registration for Freakstock 2016 is now online!!!
Follow the link below, fill in your details and send them to us.
“WELCOME HOME” and be a part of the incredible Freakstock family!

Staff Registration Freakstock 2016:


27 to 31 July 2016 in 06542 Allstedt, Germany

U-NITE Gathering in Belgium

U-Nite Teaser Flyer rectoU-NITE Gathering take place from 25 to 28th August 2016. The main vision of this event is to unite people from the different linguistic regions of Belgium for a weekend of unity and creativity. Similar to Freakstock there will be concerts, DJs, workshops.

The organisators are looking for bands, volunteers, visitors … Mail to:

Location: „De Kluis“ Brussel, Louvain and Wavre)

More information, program, tickets … :

UNITY (synonyms: consensus, harmony, identity, solidarity)

A 4-day event where people come from all over Belgium and beyond to camp, eat, dance, do workshops, party and have a good time together.

CREATIVITY (synonyms: imagination, inspiration, originality)

A place for every form of artistic expression, people actively participating in shaping the event. Providing different workshops where talents can be discovered and improved.

INTEGRITY (synonyms: character, honesty, goodness, righteousness)

We want to create a non-judgmental, community-focused event open to people from different backgrounds, beliefs and lifestyles. We are open about our faith in Jesus Christ.

Welcome Home

If you ask people why they come to freakstock, they might say:

I found a home here!
This feels like family!
Here, I feel accepted!

The heart of our home is Jesus. We were created as Gods counterparts and feel restless until we meet him and come into his home.

The gift of that home is not a given. Many people in our society yearn to find a place that feels like home, and desperately search for it somewhere, somehow. Some things actually look good or give a feeling of safisfaction, such as success, family life, commitment to noble ideas… but the last bit is missing. We can’t create the home we long for. We can only accept it over and over again. It is given to us.

To be without a home can put you into turmoil. The despair it creates can become exhausting – for yourself and others. Great good can come from having a home. Here you can find reflief, here you can stand firmly to face new challenges and watch Gods plans unfold.

Let us spread that home this year. Let us be a living invitation for a life with God. Let us build open, welcoming churches, which make it easy to get to know Jesus. Let us open up our houses and our hearts to invite others to be at home.

The invitation stands for us as well: Come Home! No matter where you have been roaming, no matter what you`ve searched for or tried, the doors are open. Be encouraged to open your heart anew and let God in, so that he might give you a home.

In this regard: Welcome Home!

Nordic Fest – 25. – 27. September in Oslo

PrintThere have been 4 long years with silence since Nordicfest had the epic 10th anniversary in November 2011. It was a Grand finale for sure, and we have a lot of wonderful memories. This was the perfect way to end an era. But in the aftermath of the anniversary we could feel that our hearts were still not at peace. A yearning slowly grew through the silence and after a while it gave life to a dream. A dream of gathering the family again. Now the time is here!

From the shadows of the valley of death, Nordicfest is resurrected! This time we will give you a festival that is musically more brutal and extreme then ever before! Blasting bands and amazing people will come together and celebrate faith and friendship! It is a great pleasure for us to welcome you to “Nordicfest 2015 – The Resurrection”! See you in Oslo in September!
– Pål, Oddmund, Stefan, Markus & Rikard

Location: Sub Scene, Rosenkrantz gate 17, Oslo, Norway
The venue is also very special SubScene is an all ages venue in central Oslo. The venue combines a great cafe with top of the line backline and quality productions. The venue is run by SubChurch.

The bands for this years edition are mainly within the brutal and alternative part of metal. Mantric (Extol&Lengsel) and local act Leovov delivers intriguing massive music with a strong metal edge. Without being as brutal as Necroblation (CH) and Norways best hidden doom jewel Dalit.

Date: 25. – 27.09.2015

Tickets: $ 47.25 to buy at:

More info:


Long time – no see!

JFI_Hey2_cw-fotoIt’s been quite some time since some of us saw each other. In the meantime new people want to join our international circle and don’t know how to connect. But let’s be honest: We are not as connected as we like to be either. So let’s meet at Freakstock and talk about that. Let’s find out about each other, how we are, what’s going on, what our takes on starting up our network are and where we wanna go from there.

See you at the JFI Space:

Just drop by, get a coffee and sit down. There will be a JFI-PICKNICK Friday, 31.7.2015, at 12:30 a.m. Maybe bring your lunch and have it with us.

Put your name on that list. It’ll be there somewhere.

We will start an emailing group so we get to read from each other once in a while.

Another way to get in touch – whoever you are and whyever you wish to get in international contact, no matter if you are one or many – is to write us at Sharon from Netherlands, and I, Mona from Austria, will see what we can do for you and how your request fits into that whole picture.

You want to know what’s going on in Germany? Have a look here.

Willo – The Jesus Freaks Family Gathering

Dear Freaks and Freakas,

Finally it is happening again! The family gathering of the Jesus Freaks is approaching:

From the 9th to the 12th of May 2013 we want to meet up again to worship, hang, listen to God’s word, relax, have hot debates, and do whatever else tickles our fancy together.
Meet your family, invite friends, enjoy, party, and lend a hand. Our home in Borgentreich welcomes everyone. There is enough room for everybody – no matter if you’re old or young, tall or little, showered or dirty!

It’ll be a blast again this year: apart from the, by now, legendary Willo Club Parties, the tapping of the Jesus-beer, the communion-worship-sessions, the countless conversations and the workshops, we also want to look into the motto of this year again.

To do this, we came up with something different this year: The focus will be on one Bible verse that we’ll look at from all kinds of different perspectives and we’ll have very different people shed some light on it, as well.
This is not just any Bible verse, but one that’s about you! You heard right. Jesus gave us an important commission in Luke 10, 1-12. He didn’t just send out the first 72 disciples there, but you and me, as well. What exactly is behind these verses and what they have to do with changes, you’ll find out on the weekend.

Because it worked well in the last years we want to apply the “soli—principle” again. The benchmark is 60 Euros. If you can’t gather the 60 Euros, you’ll still be very welcome and can pay less according to what you can afford. If you make good money, we would like to ask you to make a contribution according to what you can afford, so that we can co-finance Willo for those who are lacking the funds due to family, unemployment, etc.

Helping hand

To make Willo 2013 great we all want to do our part again this year. You can chose in the registration process which area you want to help in. We tried to split the chores so that lots of little duties lie on lots of shoulders. Then everyone can catch as much as possible of our family gathering and no one will have to slave away.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

If you’re a mum or a dad or can’t help for any other reasons, you’re obviously still welcome to attend!

You want to offer a workshop? Excellent! Let us know under: []

So now, clean your specs, rub the sleep out of your eyes and come to the centre of the universe aka Borgentreich!


Your Willo Team

Freakstock Video


Friends!! We´ve been waiting for this moment for a long time now: Finally we can present you with the final Line Up for Freakstock 2012.

On our homepage you can now check out our fine choice of artists who will perform on our stages. Next to our renowned stages HerzstückTurbinenhalleRaketenklub and the Quiet´n´Riot Kulturverein we also proudly present to you our new location:  at the Secret Garden relaxing tunes are going to help you chill outdoors!

For the friends of the Knüppelkeller: do not fret! Under the new name Alte Knüppelschule you will shortly find the complete and dashing Line Up. Stay tuned for more intel!

So check out our homepage and stay connected via &!

We look forward to seeing you at Freakstock!

Yours sincerely Booking Team 2012